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Luperio Villanueva

In Memoriam


November 15, 1933 - February 1, 2023

Memorial Services on

February 8, 9 and 10, 2023

February 9, 2023 ceremony hosted by the

Provincial Leaders

February 10, 2023 ceremonies hosted by the Eastern Star, Scottish Rites, and Freemasons, and the Municipal Hall

Necrological Service on

February 11, 2023


A Life Well-Lived

If you have ever met Atty. Luperio (“Pering”) F. Villanueva during his 89 years of life, you would know that he was a multifaceted man. People may say he was a proud man and that’s why they gave him the nickname, “tangad” or always looking up. Others may say that he was a fierce legal advocate – an attorney by trade who, as a public prosecutor, became the First Assistant City Fiscal of Olongapo City and, as a private practitioner, became the resident attorney for the Quasha Law Firm in Olongapo City in the 1970s and 1980s. Or they may say that he was a farmer who was passionate about getting the most out of his rice fields and mango groves.


Some may say he was a community leader where he championed the issues of brotherhood and sisterhood as a freemason who served as Worshipful Master of Pinatubo Lodge #52, as a shriner of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and as Worthy Patron of the Rebecca Parrish Chapter No. 5 Order of the Eastern Star. Others may also say that he was a well-respected politician who had been elected as a Barangay Captain for 30 years winning his last term without campaigning, who served in three government posts all at the same time – at the Sangguniang Bayan (a legislative municipal body), at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (a legislative provincial body), and as a Barangay Captain (an executive post) – and who even served a stint as governor of Zambales, as appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Local Government.


And some may also say that he was a devout Christian, where he tried to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by helping those who needed a roof over their head or food in their stomach or assistance in getting an education. Indeed, his experience as a delegate to the United Methodist Church’s General Conference in the USA in 1970 has enriched his faith as he further learned and applied church doctrine when appropriate, and always tried to embody Christian principles in all aspects of his life.


He was all of those and more.


To those who knew him well, Pering was also a dutiful son, brother, nephew, cousin and uncle, a loving husband, a good friend, an encouraging father, and a doting grandfather.


And he was funny. Oh boy, did he have jokes. While living next door to Luz, who would become his wife of 63 years, he observed that Luz’s father used to scare off those who serenaded Luz and her sister with a shotgun. So, Pering created a song commemorating her father’s proclivity for scaring off would-be suitors. “Bumaril Saturnino. Tatay ni Luz. Tat tat tat tat.” [Saturnino shoots. Father of Luz. Tat tat tat tat.] Fear not. Saturnino would soon succumb to Pering’s charms when it came time for him to court Luz. He did not serenade her but he sent over lots of delicious mangoes to Saturnino.


As acting governor of Zambales from December 1987 to January 31, 1988, Pering used to joke that he was governor for two years because he served in 1987 and 1988.


Pering also loved making dad jokes. But we will spare you all the groans and cringes.


Pering loved and is proud of his family. So much so that at his youngest daughter’s wedding, his father of the bride speech honored each and every member of his family, including his brothers and sister and their children. It remains one of his best speeches.


Pering passed away on February 1, 2023. He is survived by his wife, Luz; his children, Perry (and wife Jocelyn), Hannah, Jet (and wife Neille-Ann), and Sybil (and husband Simon); his grandchildren, Jonathan, Jolo, Johann, Austin, and Annetta; his brothers, Julius, Raphael, and Jesse; and his sister, Aida. He will be sorely missed.

Luperio Villanueva
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The Villanuevas are long time family friends. Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva were my principal sponsors at my wedding and Hannah was my maid of honor. I brieftly worked for Atty. Villanueva out of high school and I spent many times visiting the Villanuevas home since Hannah was my bestie. I have watched his proffesional and personal life and I can say that he is an unapoligetic man. He does not waver on his faith and beliefs, and live it to the fullest. He helped and touched so many people. I was one of the recipient of his help. He created a job just to help me work and go to school. He was a jokester and indeed what a character! We can all write a book on his one liner jokes and anecdotes. LOL.

With all his accomplishments, I pray that what mattered most was his relationship with God, "good and fauthful" as he enters the kingdom of God.



The Dadural and Angeles family send their ✝️condolences, 🙏sympathies , and 🙏prayers to the Villanueva family. Uncle Pering will be missed, ✝️may he rest in peace in Heaven✝️ in the company of Angels and Saints. GOD 🙏BLESS YOU, UNCLE PERING 🙏

LUZ dadural Angeles

and Family

Our deepest sympathy and prayers to the bereaved family. We are eternally grateful for all that you have done for us Thank You for everything Manong Pering. You will be missed by many and will forever be remembered in the highest regard. May God grant you Peaceful Rest! 🙏🙏🙏


Villanueva Fontillas

Our deepest sympathy and prayers to the family. Fly away peacefully, uncle Pering🙏🙏🙏❤️



Condolence to the whole family.
May he rest in peace.



Meeting with your family on an occasion like your passing wasn't in my plan. All throughout the Covid 19 years, I had it all inside me to make that drive to San Narciso to reconnect with the whole Villanueva Family. Your family and not just you left me with memories that have stayed with me for 48 years. I think that even then (in July 1975 to be exact) I felt your kindness, generosity and genuine touch for others. May you rest in peace and may Mommy Luz, Perry, Hannah, Jethro and your youngest and their spouses and kids keep memories of you in their hearts forever. My wife, Met, and I are honored to have known the whole Luperio F Villanueva clan of San Narciso, Zambales.



I never thought that manong Pering would pass so soon. He and manang Luz were in their usual bright spirits when I visted them sometime in the first week of December 2022. I popped the question whether he and manang Luz were high school sweethearts (a good write-about in the ZA Centennial book we are preparing). As usual, he let out a loud guffaw. "No," he said, "Luz was always mad at me." Reason? He and his barkada always teased her or whistled when she was passing by. "Nakasursuron dayta," Manang Luz affirmed manong's anecdote. That is how I will remember him, a man of humor. We always had good vibes because we were more in the humor inclined in our talking encouters. Rest in Peace, manong Pering.



Atty, Lolo Kap, Manong... Thank you for all the lessons/advices/memories you have shared to me.
"It's so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember"

Irene gamboa fabay

I will be forever be grateful to have known you Manong Pering, who considered me as a family when I needed one, an ever loyal friend, brother and fellow traveler. Rest well and Eternal peace be with you.



Our deepest sympathy and prayers to the bereaved family. Rest now Lolo Pering, no more pain ,you are now in the hands of God. Thank you for everything , for the memories ,help and support especially during my school times. I am so proud of you Lolo and forever grateful that I am one of them _ na natulungan at pinagaral mo... maraming maraming salamat po apong pering, we love you and you will be missed.



Heartfelt condolence to the family and love ones left behind..Unvle Pering you just travelled ahead of us, your separation from us physically is quite painful but we are certain that you are now in a better home with our Almighty..Your learnings and various inspiring memories as an icon will be cherished making you alive in our hearts forever.."The Lord dries our tears and carries the burden of grief for us"..May your soul rest in peace eternally..



Condolence po, we miss the loving father,a friend and a helping brethren of I Care Fellowship. RIP.



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